A Nokia-funded open PhD position at Aalto University

We are searching for a full-time PhD student working on engineering analytics for complex software systems. The target software system is Nokia software for mobile networks products and the research focus will be on analytics tools and techniques for software understanding, optimization and testability. This position will be funded in the context of a research project with Nokia for 4 years (based on an initial 2 years contract + 2 years extension). The key idea is to analyze software code, docs, tests, logs etc. to (i) detect problematic code dependencies/patterns, (ii) manage change adaptation given the evolution of underlying dependent software and hardware, and (iii) optimize large scale testing workflows. Big data, dependency analytics, machine learning and testing methods will be employed for the research and development whereas strong skills in large-scale software systems are important. The PhD student will have a close collaboration with the Nokia software team.

Opportunities and benefit

  • – work on real-world challenges through analytics for Nokia software systems
  • – have a strong collaboration with Nokia team to build vital experiences
  • – be in a top notch research environment in big data/ML for large scale software systems
  • – have a full time funded PhD study in Aalto, one of the top universities in Nordic countries (https://www.aalto.fi/en/aalto-university/rankings)

Key requirements and skills

  • – eligible for PhD study at Aalto University (https://into.aalto.fi/display/endoctoralsci/How+to+apply#Howtoapply-Eligibility)
  • – excellent knowledge in software systems
  • – very good in scientific writing and communication skills
  • – very good knowledge about tools and techniques for engineering analytics (static analysis, code profiling, monitoring, observability, software dependency analysis )
  • – very good knowledge in big data, data science and possible ML techniques
  • – able to apply big data analytics/ML for data about software
  • – familiar with DevOps/agile work
  • – very good in teamwork in industry-academia collaboration setting

Pls contact Linh Truong (linh.truong@aalto.fi) subject: “PhD position in Software Analytics and Testability” Further information about the team and current work can be found at: https://rdsea.github.io.


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